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Anita Dewan

Vice President
– Marketing

Anita Dewan brings over two decades of expertise in steering marketing strategies, establishing brands, and fostering sustainable business models across diverse sectors encompassing personal care, food, beverages, and financial services. Her extensive experience encompasses innovative product development, successful launches of new product categories, and crafting impactful advertising campaigns.

Within Rich’s, Anita leads pivotal initiatives focused on driving product innovation and enhancing the company’s market presence. Her role transcends traditional marketing as she demonstrates adept project management skills, overseeing country and regional-level initiatives with precision. Her leadership style is marked by effective team management, precise project execution, and the establishment of streamlined processes, consistently exceeding predefined performance benchmarks.

Anita’s illustrious career includes impactful roles at distinguished companies like Ferrero India, Bharti AXA, Johnson & Johnson, and L’Oreal, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the Indian market landscape. Complementing her professional journey, she holds an MBA from Mumbai University, showcasing her strategic acumen and unwavering commitment to achieving and surpassing organizational objectives.