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Enabling entrepreneurship through empowerment

Rich’s India, together with Samhita (an NGO) partnered with CIBART (Centre for Indian Bamboo Resources and Technology) to initiate a training center based in Kala Amb in Himachal Pradesh.  Samhita is a social enterprise that collaborates with organizations to develop impactful CSR initiatives.

This partnership would aid in helping women in the Kala Amb region to achieve livelihood development, ecological security and economic development through sustainable use of resources.
The first batch of the training comprised of 30 women, belonging to lower-middle class families who specifically needed opportunities to earn a living while working from their homes itself.

The training covered various aspects of entrepreneurship, right from learning bamboo & pine work to costing & purchase, as well as an insight into the market trends. The beneficiaries’ successfully completed their training in April 2019.

28 women have already registered for the next batch of training. At least 4 such batches will be covered during the entire course of this activity.

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