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Packaged food distribution to Police personnel and volunteers during COVID

During COVID lock-down, along with the Health Workers, the local Police played a vital role to ensure people stay at home safely. Chef Praful Kumbhare through his balcony used to watch how hard the Police personnel and a few self-volunteer groups were working to safeguard the area from the spread of corona virus.

He was touched by their diligent efforts and felt a keen desire to help them. With the permission of the Senior Police personnel, he decided to put his culinary skills for a good cause. He purchased the required raw materials and prepared tasty vegetable mayo sandwiches, whichever was hygienically packed in aluminum foil. He made a packet of sandwiches, buttermilk, and a banana and distributed it to nearly 20 Police personnel and volunteers.

Date of the Activity: 16th April 2020

Hours Committed towards the Activity: 4 Hours

Associates Involved in the Activity: Chef Praful Kumbhare (Junior Sous Chef)

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